ABBA 15th Birthday 2000 - 2015


With ten years under its belt and a list of tremendous achievement behind it, The Australian Bush Balladeers Association is set to step into the future with continued commitment – promoting Australian Bush Balladeers and Bush Ballad music.

The 15 year Achievements include:


The Bulletin prints news items/tour dates/and general activities that artist members send in. The Bulletin is supported by industry and artist advertising. The 2004 edition of the Balladeers Bulletin first featured a gloss colour cover which brought a major change with greater advertising and sponsors. The Bulletin is put together voluntarily by Virginia Coad.

The January 2010 edition saw a full colour Bulletin for the first time. The April Edition will also be full colour.
“There may be future times when sufficient advertising is not available, so regardless of whether we have an all colour edition or have a B/W section, we will always strive for the best quality presentation for our Association and artists in every edition.” Peter Coad said.


The site contains information on /Compilation Albums/ Artists Profiles/Star Quest/ etc. Tour dates/ What’s Happening/ Events etc. There are also a Members profile pages. For more information on how to be part of the profiles, members may contact the A.B.B.A. direct or go to

Inline with the 2010 Birthday of the A.B.B.A. Virginia Coad voluntarily redesigned the complete A.B.B.A. website for a new and more current appearance. The new site was uploaded January 2010.


“The Balladeers” Series creates major income for our Association and the album is paid for by the artist track payments. The income from the album pays for the ‘Balladeers Remembered Series” Cd which pays tribute to past pioneers and balladeer members.

These albums are a major fundraiser for the A.B.B.A. administration, postage, Star Quest winners promotional costs, etc. Without these albums, the Association could not run at the level it does. Therefore, the Association sincerely thanks the artists who come forward every year, putting their talent and money forward, supporting the Association in this way, and all those who purchase them. For details go to

The A.B.B.A. would like to thank the radio presenters who play bush ballad music, for their tremendous support of the Star Quest winners singles, and all those who do regular interviews and broadcast nationally on a monthly basis re the A.B.B.A. activities. Your support is appreciated.


The Bush Balladeer Star Quest has run a successful 11 years producing a great array of talent, many of whom have continued on to make a career in the bush ballad world.

Unfortunately, the Quest has now been put on hold through low entries the last couple of years. The Association feel this is due to there being more avenues of self promotion now for young artists, which is great to see.


Winners of this Quest received 12 months guidance in the industry and opportunity to perform on major stages and festivals etc. This was great experience and gives them a huge amount of exposure to the public and media.


Another initiative by the Association in 2004 was to sponsor a young balladeer artist to attend the CMAA Junior Camerata Scholarship every year. The Association also Sponsors a young bush ballad artist to participate in the CMAA College Of Music every year.
The CMAA Camerata Scholarship and the CMAA College teach and provide youngsters valuable industry skills and contacts.


The A.B.B.A. is run by a voluntary committee. It has been averaged that over a year at least 2 full days are given every week towards Membership/Website maintenance/Mailout/Bulletin preparation/organizing albums/Advertising and Tamworth events.

“The Association is dedicated to catering for the bush ballad artist,” Peter Coad (President) said, “The Association has been built by our hardworking voluntary committees over the last 15 years with the support of our members, media and industry, and is continuing to build further infrastructure through the mediums of internet, radio interviews. I would like to thank our past and present committee, for their efforts.

In my opinion, the Bush Ballad industry is the strongest and most popular it has ever been, and we look forward to building on this in the years ahead.”

15 years on from its official launch, the Association is a strong, successful, financially stable organization and one of the Australian Music Industry success stories, which is still working as hard as ever to promote Bush Ballad Music and its artists



The Australian Bush Balladeers Association Incorporated. ABN : 75798 969 415