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We thank our contributors and advertisers for your valued support of the Balladeers Bulletin.

It's your advertising and support that makes the magazine the quality product it is for all members to enjoy every edition.

We thank the members/music fans for your continued support of bush ballad music and it's artists, and your support of The Australian Bush Balladeers Association and the Balladeers Bulletin. ~ The A.B.B.A.

Contributors PLEASE NOTE:-

General articles to be around 500 words.

Tour dates: please include separate to article.


Articles may contain CD mention, but if there are prices/sale details mentioned, the article contributor must take out an ad (or have) an ad in that edition of the Bulletin.

Articles contributed that mention CDs prices, contacts etc will have those parts edited. Why?

This is done in view of the fact that bulletin advertising is very reasonably priced, and it is not fair to those who do advertise regularly if an article
contributor advertise to sell product via articles without advertising.

This rule also applies to festivals and major event organisers re articles of artist listings at Festivals as well. Ads must apply.

Advertising support ensures we have a great colour magazine every edition for readers and all contributors to enjoy and take advantage of.

Album release reviews usually include contacts.

Re pics: If sending multiple festival photos, please forward on a disc to The Editor, Peter Coad, PO Box 7, Bundanoon NSW 2578.

Photos should be hi resolution or at least very clear.
You can send to us via email OR through a eg., "Dropbox" link if you wish.

Note: Paper photo copied photos will not print well.

If you have already submitted information by email, you should have received a 'reply' that we have received it.

If not, please forward again, thank you.

See Advertising Rates and Ad Sizes (PDF)

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