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"Australian Balladeers Remembered" Series...

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(A Compilation of of tracks from Pioneers of Australian Country Music)


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Australian Balladeers Remembered
Tribute Series Vol. 1 ( Released Jan 2002)

Stan Coster - My People, Geoff Brown - Thousand Miles From Any Where, Jim Kiley - Flies, Rocky Page - Where the Murray Floods the Open Plains, Trevor Coad - Lonely House, Athol McCoy - Tassie, Gordon Parsons - Joe the Crow, Kevin Shegog - Little Kangaroo, Stan Coster - Old Gilbert, Don Gresham - Iddy Biddy Puddy Tat, Rocky Page - Hundred Thousand Acres, Athol McCoy - The Inn at Inverary, Jim Kiley - Mates, Don Gresham - Mt Warning, Trevor Coad - Breatherlizer Blues, Kevin Shegog - Cops and Robbers, Geoff Brown - A Lot of Little Things, Gordon Parsons - There Is No Indispensable Man

Available on CD only. 18 tracks. (CAT. No. ABBA TS1)



Australian Balladeers Remembered
Tribute Series No. 2

Norm Bodkin - Fender Bender, Buddy Bishop - When Murphy Rode the Bull, Kylie Bedford - Kelly's Offsider , Allan (Swaney)Swanson - Some Things a Man Can't Fight, Allan (Swaney) Swanson (mandolin instrumental) Timber Raft Jig, Thel Carey - Time to Say Goodbye, Norm Bodkin (Steele Guitar instrumental) - Steeling Time, Charlie Bellert - Lonely Heart, Des Wiley - Highways of the Great Outback, Paul Lester (Vocal & Lead Guitar instrumental) - Along the Road, Barry Thornton (guitar instrumental) - Winter Winds, Buddy Bishop - The Farmyard Yodel, Thel Carey - When the Lights Go Out, Paul Lester - The All Star Western Show, Charlie Bellert - I Can't Win, Allan (Swaney) Swanson (Fiddle Instrumental) Orange Blossom Special, Des Wiley - Changing of the Seasons, Kylie Bedford - Boys in Boots, Barry Thornton - Talking Guitar

**Available on CD Only (Cat. No ABBA TS2)


Australian Balladeers Remembered
Tribute Series Vol. 3


Released January 2004

1: BUDDY WILLIAMS .. Flying Doctor - 2: SHIRLEY THOMS .. Where The Golden Wattle Blooms - 3: BILLY STARLIGHT .. Roses & Crinolines - 4: MAURIE LAWSON .. Paradise Valley - 5: JUNE HOLMS .. Lullaby My Mother Sang to Me - 6: NED KELLY .. Araluen - 7: THE SUNDOWNERS (Joan Martin & Eric Tutin) .. Shearer's Jamboree - 8: TERRY HALL .. Bald face Cattle - 9: BEAU CHATWIN .. Where The White Face Cattle Roam - 10: ART LEONARD .. Face On the Bar Room Floor - 11: BUDDY WILLIAMS ..The Chicken Song - 12: SHIRLEY THOMS .. Yodelling in The Moonlight - 13: BILLY STARLIGHT .. Will You love Me When I'm Older - 14: MAURIE LAWSON .. Riding Down The Shady Valley Trail - 15: JUNE HOLMS .. Song Of Queensland - 16: NED KELLY .. Don't Call For Me - 17: THE SUNDOWNERS (Joan Martin & Eric Tutin) .. Reflections (Tutin/Martin) - 18: TERRY HALL .. I Keep On Riding - 19: BEAU CHATWIN .. Pub With No Beer - 20: ART LEONARD .. They Cut Down The Old Pine Tree.


Australian Balladeers Remembered
Tribute Series Vol. 4


1.TEX MORTON Fireball Dan (Eric Watson)
2. LES WILSON Silver Wings (Les Wilson)
3. TOMMY MACK White Lace Red (Clay/Davis)
4. MICK FINN Bernborough (Mick Finn) 
5. TIM MCNAMARA Down By The Railroad Track (Crummit & Curtis)
6. KID MAHONEY Outlaw Bumble Bee (Kid Mahoney)
7. BOB DYER Way Far Down In The Hollow (Bob Dyer)
8.SMILIN’ BILLY BLINKHORN Poor Ned Kelly (Blinkhorn)
9. GLEN DAVIS The Last Train To Heaven (Eric Watson & Glen Davis)
10. COL JOHNSTONE Contented & Free (Col Johnstone) 
11. TEX MORTON Don’t Make Me Go To Bed (Cross) 
12. LES WILSON Lost Cowboy (Les Wilson)
13. TOMMY MACK Please Don’t Pass Me By (Floyd Tillman)
14. MICK FINN A Room Full Of Old Gold Records (Mick Finn)
15. TIM MCNAMARA Pay Day (Tim McNamara)
16. KID MAHONEY My Little Brown Eyed Son (Kid Mahoney)
17. BOB DYER The Newtons Are Feuding Again (Frank & King) 
18. SMILIN’ BILLY BLINKHORN Sweetheart Yodel (Smilin’ Billy Blinkhorn)
19. GLEN DAVIS Pretty Little Dear (Unknown)
20. COL JOHNSTONE The Way It Was (Col Johnstone)

Australian Balladeers Remembered
Tribute Series Vol. 5

CD Only
01. HOBO’S LULLABY Pete Hayes (Goebel Reeves)
02. HOMESTEAD ON THE FARM Hawking Brothers (A P Carter)
03. BOOM OF THE BIG BASS DRUM Rocky Emmett (Sundowner)
04. GRANDPA’S SCARS Bob Hirst (Bob Hirst)
05. SNUGGLEPIE & CUDDLEPOT Alan Hawking (Alan & Diane Hawking)
06. DEEP DEEP IN MY HEART Len Wakefield (Unknown)
07. THERE’S BEAUTY IN OUR LAND Bill Smith (Bill Smith)
08. THE TRAMP’S MOTHER Dick Eckert (Traditional)
09. PUB WITH NO BEER Les Keats (Gordon Parsons)
10. THAT’S MY BUSHLAND HOME Tex Banes (Tex Banes)
12. WILL HANK WILLIAMS MEET JIMMIE RODGERS Hawking Brothers (Diane Hawking)
13. A MAN CALLED NAMATJIRA Rocky Emmett (Ashcroft/Halford)
14. HIS MATES ALL CALL HIM BLUE Bob Hirst (Bob Hirst)
15. TOO MANY TEARS Alan Hawking (Diane Hawking)
16. YOU TAKE THE FUTURE & I’LL TAKE THE PAST Len Wakefield (Bettina Thiele)
17. THE ERRING BOOMERANG Bill Smith (Bill Smith)
19. PUB WITH MORE BEER Les Keats (Les Keats)
20. HAYSEED YODEL Tex Banes 
(Tex Banes)


Australian Balladeers Remembered
Tribute Series Vol 6

1. Lionel Long - The Old Colonial Chair (Long) 6:08
2. Ace Fender -
Heart of Stone (Fender) 3:13
3. Terry Smith
- I’m Gonna Celebrate Now (Young) 2:27
4. Ivy Somerfield -
Blue Misty Mountains (Somerfield) 3:59
5. Brian K Kelly -
Lady Nicotine (Kelly) 2:11
6. Ray Griffiths -
My People (Griffiths) 3:32
7. Buddy Williams & Lenore Miller-Somerset -
Bushland Paradise (Williams) 3:01
8. Hugh Holm Hunter -
Valley Blues (Holm) 1:28
9. Stan Stafford -
Sweet Betsy From Pike (Traditional) 2:20
10. Eric Newton -
Leaving On A Jet Plane (Denver) 2:48
11. Ace Fender -
In A Moment (Fender) 4:48
12. Terry Smith -
Memories Won't Let Me Be (Coster) 3:34
13. Ivy Somerfield -
Why Do I Need To Hurt You (Somerfield) 3:55
14. Brian K Kelly -
Take Me Back To The Country (Kelly) 2:48
15. Ray Griffiths -
Laurel & Hardy (Griffiths) 2:54
16. Buddy Williams & Lenore Miller-Somerset -
Brown Eyed Sweetheart Of Mine (Williams) 2:53
17. Hugh Holm -
Sunny Australian Sweetheart (Holm) 1:44
18. Stan Stafford -
Me & My Dog (Stafford) 2:44
19. Hugh Holm -
Hello Tamworth (Holm) 1:08


  Australian Balladeers Remembered
Tribute Series Vol 7

SMOKY DAWSON-My Heart Is Where The Roper Flows Tonight,
JOHN ASHE - Come In Spinner,
- Down The Stephen Foster Trail,
-Rye Whiskey ,
-Milk Bottles,
GLENN GREEN - Music Man,
-Wanderers Of The Wastelands,
-When It’s Springtime In The Rockies,
-She’ll Be Right Mate, KEITH BLINMAN-Give Her Red Roses, SMOKY DAWSON-On The Singing Trail, JOHN ASHE-The Buggy & The Dray, JACK MUNTING-She Came Rolling Down The Mountain,
-My Darling, My Dream Girl, My Sweetheart,
-Sweet Lovin’ Woman,
RON BYWATER-There’ll be No Teardrops Tonight,
-Lang Lang Rodeo,
TEX WILLIAMS-Bottom of the Harbour,
-Charlie Chopps 

Australian Balladeers Remembered
Series No. 8

Released January 2010

1. REG LINDSAY Before The Dawn 3.47 Reg Lindsay
2. ROSS KETTLE & MADISON Daddy What If 2.36 Shel Silverstien
3. MICK ANTONIO Sister Of Sue City Sue 2.52 Charlotte Belle
4. JOAN RIDGWAY Nursery Rhyme Yodel 2.31 Harry Torrani
5. FRANK SARGENT There’s A Bond Between Tassie And Me 4.27 Frank Sargent
6. JOHNNY JACOBSEN Just To Satisfy You 2.18 Waylon Jennings
7. RITA SCHNEIDER Female Chauvinist Sow 2.18 Rita Schneider
8. BRYAN WATKINS When The Harvest Days Are Over Jessie Dear 3.25 Harry Von Tilzer / Howard Graham
9. DUSTY RAY Freight Train Yodel 3.43 Tex Morton
10. STAN TYRIE Intro and Showman’s Song 4.38 Slim Dusty
(From the Amateur Hour appearance with Terry Dear)
11. REG LINDSAY A Picture And Memories Of You 2.54 Reg Lindsay
12. ROSS KETTLE The Waltz Of Life 2.56 Ross Kettle
13. MICK ANTONIO Penny For Your Thoughts 2.47 Penny Harland / Sarah Patterson
14. JOAN RIDGWAY Rocky Rodeo 2.55 Joan Ridgway
15. FRANK SARGENT The Lady Of The Lakes 4.43 Frank Sargent
16. JOHNNY JACOBSEN The Hobo and The Rose 3.32 Vinson
17. RITA SCHNEIDER Under A Mooloolaba Moon 3.40 Rita Schneider
18. BRYAN WATKINS She’s A Rose From The Garden Prayer 1.45 Hank Snow
19. DUSTY RAY A Mother As Lovely As You 2.49 David Smith / Harry Connelly
20. STAN TYRIE Australian Stockman 2.58 Unknown
21. STAN TYRIE The Ballad Of The Teenage Queen 2.38 Johnny Cas

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Australian Balladeers Remembered
Tribute Series Volume 9

Released December 2015

Rick Aitchison (aka Rick Ford) - The Kid From Muswellbrook - Rick Aitchison
Jimmy Little - Silver City Comet - Jimmy Little & Pat Ware
Nola Hirst - The Battle Of Lovers Hill - Dick Manning & K.Twomey
The McConkey Brothers - Goulburn Valley Yodel - McConkey Brothers
Jenny Bennetts - An Old Country Waltz - Terry & Jenny Bennetts
Roy Spicer - One Arm Bandit - Roy Spicer
Al Black - Along That Gravel Road - Al Black
Deb Beckett - The Snowy - Deb Beckett
Johnny Rivers - King Of The Brumbies - Johnny Rivers
Gil Harris - The Hobo - G.Reeves
Keith Pfitzner - Last Tank Of Petrol - Eric Watson & Lorraine Pfitzner
Viv Kehl - Old Man’s Kingdom - Trevor Day
Rick Aitchison (aka Rick Ford) - The Golden Anniversary - Rick Aitchison
Jimmy Little - Heartbreak Waltz - Pat Ware
Nola Hirst - When The Sun Says Gooday To The Mountains - Larry Vincent & H.Pease
The McConkey Brothers - Hobo’s Lullaby - Goebel Reeves
Jenny Bennetts - I Miss The Good Old Days - Terry & Jenny Bennetts
Roy Spicer - Bend In The Road - Roy Spicer
Al Black - It’s Hard To Say Goodbye - Al Black
Deb Beckett - Ode to Elsie - Deb Beckett
Johnny Rivers - Can A Yodeller Get To Heaven - Johnny Rivers
Gil Harris - Pistol Packin’ Papa - Jimmie Rodgers
Keith Pfitzner - When It’s Lamplighting Time In The Valley - Harold Goodman & Sam C. Hart
Viv Kehl - Leave Him In The Longyard - Kelly Dixon & Slim Dusty

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